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Walking route in the nature park of Redes

Bezanes - Texu La Oración - Brañagallones - Bezanes





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the AS-117 turn by the village of Bezanes to a large parking place with a sign for "Vega de Brañagallones, 10,5 km" located on the east side of the village. (Roadmap)

Distance: 5h/22km

From the parking place (660 m) you follow the white-yellow waymarks to the upper part of the village, where you find a concrete road leading uphill (4min) (675 m). When the pavement ends, you continue along a track through a forest.

From the forest you emerge in fields and enjoy spectacular views to the peaks of Pico la Senda and Collás de Pino as well as to the mountain range of Grayes. The first lookout spot of Texu l'Oración (44min) (975 m) reveals the Tiatordosi, the Peña Maciédome, the Peña Brenosa and the valley of Río Nalón.

Lined by cottages and pastures the track leads to the second lookout spot (1h25min) (1085 m) with views to the mountain range of Braña Piñuel and over the valley of Trapa.

Again you enter a forest, where you pass a fountain (1h36min) (1095 m) and continue along the track gently uphill to the third lookout spot (1h54min) (1170 m), which offers views to the Peña Palacera and the Peña del Viento.

After going through the short tunnel of Crestón (2h10min) (1160 m) you reach the balcony of Crestón (2h14min) (1175 m), where you find a panel, which presents the surrounding mountains. Looking left you can spot the plain of Brañagallones and the mountain range of Las Pries on the background.

Just before reaching the plain you pass a fountain (2h34min) (1220 m). The track goes round the plain dotted with pretty cottages. Herds of horses are grazing in the vast pastures bordered by slopes covered with thick forest. You encounter also the statue of  Pepe Calvo.

Return on the same way back to Bezanes (5h).

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