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Hiking in the nature park of Redes

Tarna - Llano del Toru - Cascada El Mongallu/Taballon - El Robellaín - Tarna





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Turn from the AS-117 to Tarna and park by the church. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h42min/11.9km

From the church you walk back some 100 metres to the panel presenting the route "Ruta los Robles y Cascada del Tabayon del Mongallu" (985 m), and take the concrete road with white-yellow waymarks. Later the pavement ends and you go on along a track. Keep on the main track ignoring all side tracks.

When the track forks (17min) (1105 m), follow the sign for "Al Llanu del Toru" to the left. Higher up a waymark guides you to the left again (23min) (1150 m). You cross a grassy field to a wooden pole at its other end (29min) (1215 m), from where you continue along a path with white-yellow waymarks to the first hundrets of years old oak protected by a fence (35min) (1270 m). You keep following the waymarks through the "Rebollos de Llanu l'Toru" gently uphill to another giant tree (40min) (1295 m) and return then back to the fork with signposts (1h02min).

Following the sign for "Cascada El Mongallu", you walk along a track lined by trees with curiously twisted trunks. The track ascends to a brook (1h15min) (1160 m), by which you cross a bridge. You continue along the track in a rolling landscape further up to a fountain (1h32min) (1200 m). From now on you walk on a path with waymarks.

Soon after crossing a bridge (1h44min) (1195 m), you enjoy a view to Cuetu Negru and the waterfall. You emerge in a field, where you pass a dilapidated hut (1h49min) (1160 m). Some 40 meters from the hut you encounter a small concrete pole. After visiting the waterfall, you come back to this point.

The route to the waterfall goes cross a brook (1h54min) (1145 m) to the left. In one minute you have to be careful that you branch off left. Do not follow the waymarks to the right further uphill!

The path crosses another brook and starts to ascend towards the waterfall. By the waterfall you encounter an information panel (2h04min) (1210 m) and have nice views to the Tiatordos and Cuetu Negro with slopes covered with thick forest.

Return back to the concrete pole (2h18min) (1150 m) and turn left downhill, cross a grassy field to a path that follows a stone wall. Later the path widens into a track.

When you come to a junction (2h27min) (1085 m), go right. A river keeps you company on your left. Walking in a shady forest you come to a fork (2h37min) (1025 m), where you go right. The river Ablanosa flows still on your left. You pass a couple of cottages (2h43min) (1010 m), before the next junction (2h49min) (980 m). Again, you turn right.

When you reach the river, keep on the main track, which goes over a bridge (3h13min) (890m). The track bends first left and then right. At the next junction (3h17min) (915 m), you go right and continue to the AS-117 (3h20min) (930 m), which you follow to the right, back to Tarna (3h42min).

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