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Playa de San Antonio
Espasante (Playa de Concha) - Caliña de Santa Cristina - Punta dos Prados - Castro de Espasante - Os Pumares - Barral - Playa de San Antonio - Espasante






Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the LU-862 to Espasante, where you follow the signs for "Porto", "Castro de Punta dos Prados" and "Praias de Concha" to a narrow asphalt road close to the kilometre post 58. After less than 1 km you reach the parking place of the Concha beach.  (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h10min/13.4km

Walk from the parking place to the beach. Ignore the first walkway made of planks to the right, but take the next one with a white-yellow waymark to the right. The walkway comes to a beach boulevard. Later you continue again on a walkway made of planks close to the water front. When the planks end, continue along a track to the harbour (11min) (5 m).

In the harbour, you take an asphalt road to the right. Immediately after that, you turn left on a walkway made of planks. It ascends above a small beach (Caliña de Santa Cristina), where you take steps to the path, which goes straight ahead (16min) (20 m). Ignore all paths that fork off to the left and right and continue to the Cape of Prados (Punta dos Prados). After passing some ruins, the path turns into a track (21min) (45 m), which runs on the edge of the cliffs. When you come to a narrow asphalt road (25 min) (50 m), follow the white-yellow waymark to the left.

Walking round the cape of Espasante (Castro de Espasante) you enjoy a gorgeous sea view. After passing a few stone buildings, including Casa de Vela, the view encompasses four beaches separated from each others by cliffs protruding to the sea. The road slopes down to the village, where you turn left by the chapel of San Antonio (37min) (20 m). After some 100 m, you follow a green arrow left uphill to a narrow asphalt road by a pig statute. The road leads into an eucalyptus forest. After crossing a hill (54min) (95 m) you come to the village of Os Pumares, where you follow the green arrows first straight ahead at the crossroads and then to the right. In a minute, you turn left (1h04min) (100 m). Later the road bends down left (1h10min) (90 m).

When you come to a junction in the village of Barral, turn right (1h16min) (70 m). Do not follow the sign for Mazorgán pointing to the right, but continue along the road DP-6102 that bends left towards the beach (1h25min) (30 m). When it forks, keep left (1h35min) (15 m) and continue along a sand road to the beach of San Antonio (1h38min) (5 m).

Walk to the other end of the beach, where you take a path that leads to the another beach of San Antonio(1h42min) (10 m). From the beach you see the village of Espasante, but if you want to continue along the beach to the village, you have to wade or swim round the cliffs. There is also a very steep path with a rope, which crosses the cape separating the two beaches, but we recommend that you return to the first beach of San Antonio.

From the beach of (1h47min) you take a narrow asphalt road to the DP-6102 (2h03min) (80 m), and turn right. On top of the hill, just before you reach the Campo da Silva, you turn right (2h09min) (95 m). Return on the familiar road back to Espasante (2h32min). Go round the cape and return to the beach of Concha (3h10min).

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