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Camino Borro - Acueducto - Fuente de les Galeries - Forn de Calc - Picaio - Alt de les Aguiles - Simeta del Gall - Camino Borro





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: The route starts southwest of Rotova. After entering Rotova drive first on the Avenida Jaime I, then turn on Calle Assegador. At the next junction, turn left on Calle San Vicente. Park your car on the street. (Roadmap of Safor)

Distance: 3h05min/10.5km

Walk on Calle San Vicente to Cami Borro and turn right. Let the white-yellow waymarks guide your way lined with orange groves. Cross a bridge over the Vernissa river. On the right hand side of the road you see signs. Continue straight ahead towards "Aqüeducte". Soon you encounter the hotel "Finca los Pinos".

By the second bridge, you find another sign for Aqüeducte pointing to the right. A grassy track starts to follow the stream and crosses it a little bit further. On your right rises the Red Rockwall (Penya Roja). At Aqüeducte (15 min) (80 m), you find an information board and a sign for Galeries fountain (Font de les Galeries).

The path to the fountain follows the gorge of Atanassi (Barranco de Atanassi) and  is fit with information boards on the typical plants of this area. When it forks (27min) (150 m), go straight on, do not turn left. Soon you can hear the murmur of a brook and enjoy the small pools with crystal clear water. The Galeries fountain (35min) (215 m) has a tap with running water.

Soon after the fountain, a path forks to the right. If you want to visit the ruins of the Borro castle, take this path. It takes some 10 minutes to reach the castle on top of a large rock. By the castle you find signs for an alternative route back to Rotova.

If you are not interested in the castle, ignore the path to the right, and, some thirty meters further, turn left uphill to "Forn de Calc". In Forn de Calc (38 min) (245 m), follow the sign for "Penyal de Estruca". Little by little you start to see the sea over the Falconera mountain.

At a fork (44min) (300 m), go right to a path signposted to "Creuer Picaio". At the next fork (1h14min) (485 m), keep right, following the signs for "Picaio" and "Creuer Alt de les Aguiles".

At the top (1h26min) (535 m) you can enjoy fine sea views over the gorge of Garrofer (Barranco del Garrofer). Continue to the right, following the sign for "Creuer Font dels Llibrells". When you come to the next signposts (1h38min) (455 m), go straight ahed for "Simeta del Gall". However, if you are short of water, visit the Llibrelles fountain (Font dels Llibrelles) in the Garrofer gorge by going left downhill. It takes some 15 minutes to get there and back.

In Simeta de Gall (1h58min) (369 m) start following the signposts to Rotova. You can see the walls of the Borro castle on your right. The path descends to the northern side of Rotova. When you reach the asphalt road (2h57min) (85 m), turn right. Cross the river and walk through the village back to your car (3h05min).

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