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Puebla de San Miguel - La Santica - La Canaleja - Collado Buey - Barranco de Saladillo - Las Blancas - Barranco de Chorro - Puebla de San Miguel





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Take the 6611 road from Ademuz for Mas del Olmo. Drive 3 km from the junction to El Val de la Sabina and follow the sign for Mas del Olmo to the left. Continue 8.4 km to Mas del Olmo and turn right, following the sign for Puebla de San Miguel. After driving some 5.4 km, you see wooden signs on your left. The route starts here, but keep driving all the way to the village and park by the church. The route will return to this point. (Roadmap of Rincón de Ademuz)

Distance: 5h/21 km

Walk back to the signposts (1090 m) and take the narrow sand road signposted for Collado Buey. All the way from the beginning you have nice views down into the valley. Ignore all side tracks and paths. Also in La Santica (20 min) (1210 m), follow the main road. Do not turn on the track that forks left. Looking northwest you can marvel the views to the mountains and plains. When you meet a signposted fork (50min) (1355 m), go right for Calderón and Gavilan.

After La Canaleja (52min) (1370 m)you look over the valley of San Miguel with the village. Continue past El Bisco until you meet a sign on the right hand side of the road. Follow this sign for Calderón (1h35min) (1650 m). When the track meets another track (1h45min) (1670 m), go right.

By the signpost "Refugio Collado Buey" (1h55min) (1715 m) a peculiar landscape surrounds you. From the grayish ground grow stray trees, bushes and large green juniper circles. You descend in a shallow furrow and then ascend to the Collado Buey (2h15min) (1725 m). Keep straight ahead following the signs for Riodeva and Arcos de las Salinas. On your right you see the cabin of the Pass of Buey (Refugio Collado Buey). If you need drinking water you can visit the cabin. Otherwise keep going straight ahead.

Take the track that turns off to the right (2h21min) (1715 m). Immediately after the turn you have signposts in front of you. Follow the sign for Nacimiento Río Arcos straight ahead. Soon the route starts to follow the gorge of Saladillo. Later you cross it and soon after that you see a cabin below.

You encounter a sign for San Miguel on the right hand side of the track (2h35min) (1710 m). Turn on to this track and keep left ignoring the track that turns off to the right. It leads only to the cabin. When the track forks (3h) (1655 m) by a hill, go left. In 15 minutes you reach a panel which tells you location on the route. After the panel you meet a tall solitary tree on a green ground (3h18min) (1660 m). At the next fork, follow the green pole to the left (3h23min) (1650 m). 

Ignore the track with a white-yellow waymark that turns off to the right (3h30min) (1630 m). Go straight ahead past a watering hole and soon you will find the white-yellow waymarks on this track as well.

If you want to see primeval trees, turn right on a track with the sign "Las Blancas" (4h) (1450 m). It takes some 10 minutes from the junction to Las Blancas. If you are not interested in Las Blancas, keep going straight on.

After passing a large watertank and a gutter, but before reaching an cattle shed, turn right on a path with a white-yellow waymark (4h20min) (1320 m). First the descent is quite steep, but within ten minutes it gets gentler. You pass the Javandal fountain (4h40min) (1210 m) and follow the gorge of Chorro towards San Miguel to an asphalt road (4h55min) (1115 m). Turn right and return to the church (4h58min) (1110 m).

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