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Trekking route to the top of Mofrechu

Collado de Igena - Majada Hueses - Vegamayor - Mofrechu - Collado de Igena





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the AS-340 that runs between Nueva and Corao to the pass of Igena, where you find a narrow concrete road between the kilometer posts 10 and 11. At the beginning of the road you find a tiny wooden arrow with the text Mofrechu. If you start from Nueva, turn from the AS-263 to AS-340 signposted to Riensena and Corao, and drive 12 km to the pass. If you start from Corao, turn from the AS-114 to AS-340 signposted to Labra, Nueva and Igena between the kilometer posts 6 and 7. After 10.6 km you reach the pass. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h18min/9.2km

The concrete road (455 m) takes you through two gates before it turns into a track (5min) (510 m). Below you see the village of Igena in the foreground of a number of mountain ranges with the Picos de Europa farthest back. Later the village of Riensena comes into sight and the river valley of Riensena opens up on your right. You pass the cottages of Majada Hueses (30min) (665 m), where the track bends right. On your left you see the west massif of Picos de Europa. By the next cottage (42min) (760 m) the track curves left to reveal the mountain of Sierra del Cuera.

Keep on the main track ignoring the track branching off right (43min) (770 m). After passing a small bond (46min) (765 m) and a water reservoir enclosed with a fence, the track peters out into a path leading to a small grassy plain (51min) (785 m). At the beginnin of the plain, you find a pile of stones marking a path to the top of Mofrechu. Do not take this path, but continue straight ahead on the path that ascends gently towards the west end of Mofrechu. When you discern the villages of Peruyes and Margolles in the valley of Sella, climb to the crest and bend right. Walking along the ridge you see a pole on top of Mofrechu and enjoy a beautiful sea view on your left.

From the top (1h16min) (900 m) opens up a fantastic view over the coast, where the river Sella meets the Atlantic ocean. On the river banks you see small villages and on the coast the town of Ribadesella. In the east rise the mountains of Sierra del Cuera, in the south the Picos de Europa and in the west the Sierra del Sueve. If you peek in the holes in the rock, you find tiny images of saints.

Descend from the top along the gentle ridge towards the grassy plain and the bond, which you can see down below. When you reach the plain by the pile of stones (1h30min) (785 m), continue on the familiar route back to the pass of Igena (2h18min).

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