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Trekking to Pico Tiedu in Sierra del Cuera

Asiegu - La Cruz de Piedrafita - Rebollar - Majada de Tebrandi - Vega de Brañes - Pico Tiedu - Asiegu





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the AS-114 to Carreña and turn to a narrow asphalt road signposted to Asiegu. After 3.4 km you reach Asiegu and find a large parking place by the village entrance. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h20min/11.5km

Walk from the parking place (400 m) to the village passing a lookout spot and information panel on walks (2min) (410 m). Keep left and make for the northeast corner of the village. When you see a white-yellow waymark (4min) (420 m), follow it to a fountain and take the narrow asphalt road up to the right (6min) (430 m). Ignore a sand road with a white-yellow waymark forking off left (10min) (440 m), but turn later left to a concrete road (13min) (450 m).

Keep on the main road all the time uphill. After passing the cottages of La Cruz de Piedrafita (45min) (710 m) the ascent becomes gentler. The track goes past the cottages of Rebollar (54min) (770 m). By the cottages of Majada de Tebrandi, the track ends (1h) (790 m). Continue straight ahead through a gate into a corral and through another gate out from the corral. Do not take the path, which runs at the same level, but take a couple of steps uphill by the fence to a path, which is first unclear, but becomes very clear after couple of meters. The path zigzags along the slope of to the cottages of Mata, where you go through a gate (1h12min) (895 m) and keep left. The path runs between two stone walls. When the wall on your right bends right, branch off left (1h16min) (910 m).

You follow the wide path to a cross (1h29min) (980 m), where you look over a plain studded with cottages. Walk across the plain of Vega de Brañes to the uppermost cottage (1h34min) (985 m). In front rises the Pico Tiedu. On its crest you see a square notch. Climb along the steep but easy to walk slope on no particular path towards it. Soon you discern a concrete pole on the right hand side of the notch. The top of Pico Tiedu (2h04min) (1185 m) opens up a splendid view to the Picos de Europa and the coast. The highest tops of Sierra del Cuera are visible in the east. In the north rises the Cabeza Ubena.

Continue from the pole towards the village of Llanes, which you see on the coast, in the northeast. This slope is much gentler and the path runs first between two low rock walls. Later you enjoy fine sea views. The path descends to a pass (2h22min) (1100 m), where you turn right to a wide path. By a cavity in a rock wall (2h30min) (1070 m) the path bends sharp right. You walk on the right hand slope of the depression to a crest (2h45min) (1030 m), where you look down to the familiar cottages. Descend to the uppermost cottage (2h51min) (985 m) and return on the already familiar route back to Asiegu (4h20min).

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