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Trekking route to Pico Turbina through Sierra del Cuera

Arangas - Majada de Lodevega - Portillo de la Concha - Piedra del Oso - Pico Turbina - Arangas





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the AS-114 to Arenas de Cabrales and turn on a narrow asphalt road signposted to Arangas. Continue 4.3 km pass the church of Arangas until you see on the left slope a cemetery and find a parking area by the road. (Roadmap)

Distance: 5h50min/12.2km

Return from the parking area (365 m) back to the church and turn up to a concrete walkway (2min) (360 m). You pass the cemetery and come to the cottage of Lodevega, where the walkway ends (17min) (495 m). Take the path that starts from the corner of the cottage. Somewhat later this stony path turns into a group of paths, all leading uphill. Continue all the way up to the ridge without paying attention to paths, which fork off right. From the ridge (37min) (630 m) starts a clear path leading gently uphill to the ridge you can see in front (45min) (685 m). Some fifteen minutes more the path remains gentle, before the ascent in zigzag starts (1h) (815 m). You enjoy fine views to all three massifs of the Picos de Europa. Down below you look over Arangas and several hills.

When the wide path forks (1h15min) (850 m), go left. The zigzag ends by a gate (1h40min) (1075 m). After going through it, you cross a small depression. The views over Cabrales and Peņamelleran all the way to the Picos de Europa are splendid. The path goes round the Pico de Piedra Llacia to the pastures of Piedra del Oso, where it runs on the right side of the cottages and forks by the last cottage (1h54min) (1090 m). Go left.

Soon you see the Pico Turbina in front. Ascending gently in a rolling landscape between rocks and tussocks the path passes a cottage on your left and comes to a pass (2h30min) (1170 m), where you should be careful not to continue straight ahead, but turn sharp left towards Pico Turbina. Soon you encounter piles of stones, which mark the way to the top of Pico Turbina (3h) (1315 m). On the top you find a small hut and a concrete pole. Looking to the sea you see a cross on the lower top of Pico Turbina. Sierra del Cuera stretches out both to east and west. On the background of Pico de Piedra Llacia rises the west massif of Picos de Europa. You can see also the east and central massifs.

Return on the same way back to Arangas (5h50min).

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