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Trekking route to the top of Picu El Paisanu

Alevia - Mina del Pilar - La Braña La Pipa - Picu El Paisanu - La Escalá - Alevia





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the AS-114 to Panes, turn on a narrower asphalt road following the sign for Alevia by the bridge crossing the river Deva-Cares. Immediately after the bend, turn left on the PB-2 towards "Alevia". Continue uphill about 3 km. At the village entrance, you see a walking route sign and an information panel on the route. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h15min/14.1km

Starting from the sign for "PR AS191, Picu el Paisanu" (310 m) take the asphalt road uphill, following the white-yellow waymarks to the upper end of the village. By the last houses, you find another sign (5min) (345 m), and continue along a paved walkway. Looking behind, you see the village and the valley. You pass one more sign, before the pavement ends (23min) (530 m) and you start to walk on a track.

Little by little the track bends left, revealing first the sea (27min) (545 m), then a village, and finally a wonderful valley by the sea with villages and coves. Keep on the main track, which slopes down gently, ignoring another track branching off right (43min) (465 m). The main track ascends to the ruins of an old mine of Pilar (56min) (570 m).

In a couple of minutes you come to a junction (58min) (575 m), where you go right along a beautiful grassy track. Here and there you see corrals built of gray blocks. Herds of cows and horses are grazing in the rolling landscape. When you reach a clearing (1h10min) (605 m), where the track seems to end, bend right, around the corner of the house ruins, and you see the track immediately. By a beautiful stonewall, you see a cottage above you, on a hilltop. Keep following the track, although it looks like drawing away from the cottage. After a sharp bend to the left, you are again heading for it.

Once you reach a fork (1h19min) (630 m), go left uphill to visit the cottage. From the top (1h27min) (700 m) opens up a marvellous view to the sea, to the Picos of Europe and to the Picu El Paisanu. By the peaks of Picos de Europa, you see a group of lower mountains and at their foot an oblongue valley dotted with villages. The cottage is surrounded by a gently slope.

Return from the cottage back to the fork, and descend this time left towards the information panel that you can see further down. By the panel, the track ends (1h37min) (620 m). Follow the sign for "Picu el Paisanu" to the right on a path that is hardly visible. The white-yellow waymarks keep you on the right path. When the path forks by ruins (1h39min) (635 m), go left. Almost immediately you go right, through an opening in a stone wall. The path leads to a signpost (1h57min) (685 m), pointing left uphill. Climb along the steep, grassy slope, where, most of the time, you do not see a path. Make for obliquely left. Higher up, you find a zigzaging path, which takes you to Picu El Paisanu. From the peak, you find a small chapel (2h15min) (805 m) and a memorial tablet dedicated to the emigrants of the nearby valleys, who started to move to America in 1492. However, due to blunder made by Columbus, the inscription says "Long live our countrymen! Long live Indians."

If the views from the cottage were impressive, this point offers even more far reaching views. Looking to the sea, you see a row of gray hills, before your eyes reach to the sealine with coves of golden sand. In the direction of Picos de Europa you see the village of Llonín. The Sierra del Cuera stretches out to the west.

Return the same way past the fork, from where you climbed to the cottage (2h55min) (630 m), and continue straight ahead to the junction, close to the mine ruins (3h20min) (575 m). Do not turn left towards the mines of Pilar, but keep right. The track leads to a gate (3h25min) (570 m), through which a white-yellow waymark guides you to a path. The steep, but easy to walk path, zigzags down towards the valley, before it starts to lead left (3h32min) (515 m) staying almost at the same level for a while. Now the path becomes narrower, and almost overgrown. After a gate (3h56min) (430 m), it becomes wider and comes to a track (3h58min) (420 m). Turn left uphill, and immediately downhill to the right guided by the white-yellow waymark. The narrow track comes to the familiar track (4h08min) (365 m). Turn right and return to the beginning of the route (4h15min).

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