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Sendero Cerrada del Guadalentín

Sendero Cerrada del Guadalentín





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the A-326 that starts from Pozo Alcón and leads to Huéscar, turn on a sand road that forks off between the kilometre posts K7 and K8. This road is signposted to "Itinerario Botaníco, Aula de la Naturaleza". After 2 km you pass the Aula de la Naturaleza and the road bends right. Continue 4 km to a fork, where you go right. 1 km further the road ends by a building. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h15min/16km

You see an information panel on the route in front of you. Take the track that goes left from the panel (1020 m). When the track forks (2min) (1010 m), follow the white arrow on a wooden pole to the right. The Guadalentín river starts to follow the route on your right and you have a nice view over the Reservoir of Bolera. You come to bridge high above the river flowing in a narrow channel between rock walls (11min) (980 m). Look down to watch large trouts swimming in the river.

Ignore a track that forks off right (17min) (1020 m), but follow the wooden pole to the right a couple minutes later (19min) (1040 m). You walk on a grassy track that in some parts is only a path. On your right a rock wall lines the forest of pines and oaks.

The track snakes its way uphill to a meadow spotted by oaks. On the flank of a rock you see a stone cottage (1h) (1240 m). Do not bend right, but continue uphill. You come to a large meadow at the foot of a rock wall. On your right you see a country house (1h10min) (1285 m). The track continues between giant oak trees forward.

Descending gently you see another meadow lined by rock walls in front of you. Before you reach it you pass a house (1h42min) (1170 m) and a stone cottage on your left. On your right you see ruins. The track lined by Tranco del Lobo goes towards Loma del Caballo. In northeast you see Caballo de Nava del Asno. On your way you can meet dears.

The track slopes down to a river (2h05min) (1115 m). Do not cross it, but follow the wooden poles to the left. You walk through a meadow with ages old cypresses to the water front and follow the river to the left. You meet another wooden pole (2h09min) (1110 m). Ascend between the poles back to the road (2h14min) (1145 m) and return on the same way back to the beginning of the route (4h15min).

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