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Sendero Guazalamanco

Arroyo Guazalamanco - Collado de los Aserradores - Cerro del Enjambre - Tranco Alto - Arroyo Guazalamanco





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the A-326 that starts from Pozo Alcón and leads towards Huéscar, turn on a sand road that forks off between the kilometre posts K7 and K8. This road is signposted to "Itinerario Botaníco, Aula de la Naturaleza". After 2 km you pass the Aula de la Naturaleza and the road bends right. Continue 4 km more to a fork, where the route begins. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h10min/7.5km

At the fork (1015 m), go left and climb uphill to a lookout spot (4min) (1050 m). You see the gorge of Guazalamanco down below.

A bit later the route starts to follow the Guazalamanco river running its water into large pools. When the track forks (15min) (1070 m), go right. Almost immediately you come to another fork, where you keep right and cross the river. The gorge of Guazalamanco is now on your left.

The track snakes its way through a pine forest to a hill where it forks (52min) (1290 m). Bear right. The track slopes gently downhill and crosses a gorge. Just before you cross another gorge at a sharp bend resembling a horse shoe, look right. You see a grassy terrace (1h03min) (1220 m). Start walking along it and you find a clear path after some 50 meters.

Leading through forest and grassy fields the path opens up lovely views to gorges, rock walls and mountains. Later the path turns into a track. Ignore a track that bracnhes off left (1h53min) (1025 m), and continue straight ahead to a fork where you find two wooden poles (1h55min) (1015 m). Again you bear right. The track comes to the beginning of a road that starts by a building (1h57min) (1020 m). Walk along it back to the beginning of the route (2h10min).

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