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Sendero Sierra Larga

Sendero Sierra Larga





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the A-92N take the exit number 404 towards Vélez Rubio and continue along the A-317 following the signs for "Vélez Rubio" and "Vélez Blanco". The A-317 turns left two times, first after 1 km and then after 1.7 km from the A-92N. Drive 5.3 km on the A-317 and turn right to "Vélez Blanco". Continue on the road that leads through the village staying at the same altitude. Follow first the signs for "Centro Visitantes". 1.9 km from the junction of Vélez Blanco, you encounter a sign for "Cementerio Municipal" on your right. After driving 300 meters on this narrow asphalt road, the sign guides you to the left. You pass the cemetery 1.3 km after the junction where you turned left. Drive 7 km more and fork right following the signpost to "La Hoya de las Vacas". After 2.8 km, fork right again. 600 metres farther, fork left. After driving 700 metres you see an information panel at the beginning of a track that forks left. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h20min/16.5km

Follow the track that starts by the panel (1105 m). You pass an information panel showing the mountain views on your right (15min) (1105 m). Left side of the valley is bordered by Muela Chica and Muela Grande. On the right side rises El Maimón Grande.

The route continues through a pine forest to a fork (29min) (1175 m) where a wooden pole guides you to the left. Later on you follow a gorge (52min) (1115 m) a while before crossing it (56min) (1085 m). When you meet another track (1h14min) (1020 m), go left.

At the next fork (1h30min) (1055 m) follow the wooden pole to the left, and keep left also at the following fork (1h50min) (950 m). Some 15 minutes later you enjoy a nice view over the valley. The route dives into the pine forest again.

Later a valley with corn fields extends to the right (2h45min) (1015 m). In the valley you discern farmhouses, some of which are in ruins. Ignore a track that forks off right (3h09min) (965 m). Lined by fields the track passes a house (3h40min) (1050 m) and comes to a sand road (3h50min) (1060 m). Turn left. Also at the next junction (4h02min) (1075 m) and at the following junction (4h10min) (1105 m) go left. Muela Chica and Muela Grande rise in front of you. The road leads back to the beginning of the route (4h20min).

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