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Walk in the nature park of Somiedo

Puerto de San Lorenzo - Piedraxueves - Collado del Juego la Pola - Peña Arcecha - Braña la Corra - Peña Negra - La Sedernia - Puerto de San Lorenzo





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the AS-265 that runs between the La Riera de Somiedo and San Martin to the Puerto de San Lorenzo located between the kilometre posts 11 and 12. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h50min/22km

From the Puerto de San Lorenzo (1350 m) you take a track with white-yellow and white-red waymarks to the south. Lined by pastures the ascending track bends right and enters a beautiful forest (13min) (1420 m).

From the forest the track comes to the pastures of Piedraxueves (30min) (1505 m), where you meet herds of horses and cows. The waymarks and milestones guide you through the grazing grounds further upwards, cross a brook to the pass of El Juego la Pola (1h03min) (1620 m), where you look over the pastures and to the mountains.

Soon you encounter the milestone of Peña Arcecha (1h07min) (1625 m). Here the track forks. Go right downhill. The track slopes down to the cottages of Braña de la Corra (1h13min) (1575 m). After passing the cottages, the track keeps going gently downhill towards Peña Negra. On your way, you enjoy great mountain views. A bit of stone paved road reminds you that this track used to be a Roman road.

After a gate (1h26min) (1535 m) you see down in the valley the village of Arbeyales. The track starts to ascend again. Looking down you can spot a number of cottages in the grassy plains. After a birch forest the track goes by a fountain and bends left.

From the milestone of Peña Negra (2h) (1630 m) you continue uphill to the milestone of La Sedernia (2h10min) (1670 m). The track runs at the same altitude above the valley of Saliencia opening a view to the Cordal de la Mesa about 15 minutes, before it starts descending. Although it goes on some 12 kilometres, all the way to the village of Torres in Leon, the way there and back is too long for a day walk. Therefore we recommend that after marvelling the views you return from this spot back to the Puerto de San Lorenzo (4h50min).

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