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El Cornón

Santa Maria del Puerto - Vega Cimera - Collado Mozarra - Vega Mozarra - El Cornón - Santa Maria del Puerto





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the AS-227 to Pola de Somiedo and continue along this road some 12 kilometres to the village of Santa Maria del Puerto. (Roadmap)

Distance: 6h20min/17.6km

This route to the highest peak of the nature park is difficult to follow and also difficult to walk.

At the village entrance you take from the AS-227 a narrow walkway with asphalt pavement to the right (1470 m). After passing the church you continue uphill and branch off left. This lane takes you to the beginning of a track (5min) (1490 m).

The track leads through pastures to a junction (11min) (1490 m), where you turn right towards the Peña Penouta. When this track forks (26min) (1495 m), follow a wooden pole to the left. You cross a brook along stones and go right at the next junction (33min) (1525 m). When the track ends by signposts in the plain of Cimera (41min) (1560 m), keep left. Do not follow the sign for "Fuente" to the right. Peña Prieta borders the plain on the left. The mountain range of Sierra del Rebezo rises in the northeast.

You pass a pole standing in a grassy field (45min) (1575 m). Walk close to the other end of the field, where you find several paths. Do not take the track, which goes straight ahead, nor the wide path with a white-yellow cross, but choose the narrow path that ascends to the right towards a wooden pole which you can see up on the slope.

From the pole (49min) (1610 m) you follow a path with white-yellow waymarks. If you lose the waymarks, you are on a wrong route. First you walk through between bushes to a plain (58min) (1640 m), where the path bends left to the upper part of the plain. Looking behind you see the Puerto de Somiedo.

Later the waymarks guide you left at a fork in the pass of Boca Ríos (1h10min) (1695 m). The path descends to a grassy field (1h18min) (1675 m) and starts then to ascend again. You walk through a couple of grassy fields before the pass of Mozarras (1h56min) (1795 m). Peña Penouta stays behind you.

From the pass the path slopes down to a small valley (1765 m) (2h10min), where you have to be very careful not to follow piles of stones uphill to the right, but to follow the white-yellow waymarks to the left over a depression. Keep an eye on wooden poles with white-yellow waymarks.

The route ascends through the plain of Mozarras to the foot of  Picu Asta (3h05min) (2010 m). From here starts a steep ascent, first to the foot of Cornon (3h14min) (2065 m) and then along its slope. Follow carefully the waymarks, which prevent you from going to one of the wrong and dangerous paths. From the top (3h20min) (2190 m) opens up a wide spread mountain view. Looking down you see the plain of Mozarras.

Return on the same route back to Santa Maria del Puerto (6h20min).

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