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Nature park of Somiedo

Valle de Lago - Braña de Sobrepeña - Lago del Valle - Valle de Lago





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the AS-227 to Pola de Somiedo turn to a narrow asphalt road signposted to Valle de Lago. Drive 8 km to Valle de Lago and continue through the village tills you come to a large parkig place with a sign for the route "Ruta de Valle del Lago". (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h45min/14km

From the parking place (1250 m) you walk ahead on the road. After the last houses the road turns into a track (9min) (1280 m) leading to the right through meadows. The narrow valley of Lago is lined by the rock walls of  Sierra de la Villa on your left. On the right side the slopes are covered by a thick-growing beech forest. Ignore the track branching off left (18min) (1290 m).

When you come to a fork (28min) (1310 m), follow the sign for "Lagos de Saliencia" up left. Later the track opens up a fine view over the valley to the mountains of Sierra de Chagüezos and Sierra de la Mortera. You pass a couple of cottages, before the track forks (1h01min) (1510 m). Continue to the right. In a couple of minutes you pass more cottages. After these cottages the track bends left and becomes narrower.

Once you reach the Braña de Sobrepeña (1h11min) (1550 m), you take the path, which starts from the right hand side of the cottage. This path has a white-yellow waymark and runs by a stone wall uphill to the left. Soon you see the lake of Valle behind you. When you meet an information panel with signposts (1h18min) (1610 m), you follow the sign for "Lago del Valle" to the right. Now you see the lake in front of you. The path keeps ascending still for a while, before it starts descending towards the lake (1h42min) (1645 m). From this point you look over the entire valley.

When you come to a track (1h57min) (1570 m) turn right and go through a gate. Make for the stone wall surrounding the lake and follow the wall to its end (2h01min) (1570 m), where you take the path, which goes to the left. Soon you encounter another bit of stone wall (2h04min) (1570 m). When this one ends (2h07min) (1570 m), you see a wooden pole on your right. Do no take the path with a white-yellow waymark, but descend from the pole to another, gently downhill sloping path, which starts to follow a stone wall (2h10min) (1565 m).

After the wall (2h21min) (1520 m), you continue along the path pass a cottage to a track (2h31min) (1500 m). Follow this track to the right through a beautiful forest. When you come to a junction (3h04min) (1350 m), turn left. You pass the track with the sign for "Lagos de Saliencia" (3h18min) (1310 m) and continue straight ahead to the parking place (3h45min).

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