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Lagos de Saliencia

Alto de Farrapona - Lago de la Cueva - Laguna de la Mina - Lago de la Calabazosa - Vega de Cerveiriz - Vega de Camayor - Lago del Valle - Alto de Farrapona





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the AS-227 tills you encounter a narrower asphalt road SD-1 signposted to Saliencia and Vegas by the kilometre post 36. After 11 km the road goes by the village of Saliencia and continues as PK-4 some 8 km to the large parking place of alto de Farrapona. (Roadmap)

Distance: 5h20min/18.2km

From the parking place (1705 m) follow the sign for "Lagos de Saliencia" to a track. Sloping downhill it opens up a fine view to the massif of Las Ubiñas. The first lake to turn up is the Lago de la Cueva surrounded by steep slopes (14min) (1615 m). When you come to a fork (18min) (1610 m), go right uphill. The old service track of the Santa Rita´s mine ascends to the lookout balcony above the lake and then further pass the Mina lake (Laguna de la Mina) before you reach the crest (37min) (1745 m), opening up a wide view over the plain of Cerveiriz. Follow an arrow pointing to the left for "Lago de la Calabazosa". Walking along the path you see the lake of Cerveiriz on your right. From the end of the ridge you can admire the lake of Calabazosa (45min) (1740 m). Return back to the track (53min) and continue to the left down to the plain of Cerveiriz.

By the lake of Cerveiriz the track forks (57min) (1710 m). Follow the sign for "Lago del Valle" to the right through the plain. After crossing a low elevation, you descend to the plain of Fresneu. At the other end (1h03min) (1685 m) you take an ascending track to a pass where you find a wooden pole (1h19min) (1735 m). Continue from the pole along the right hand skirt of the vast plain of Camayor to a pass (1h41min) (1745 m). On your left you see a pole and a sign, which tells that it takes 40 minutes to reach the lake of Valle. From this spot you see the mountains of Peña Llana, Cebolléu and Picos Albos. Continue along the path with white-yellow waymarks. The path slopes down gently opening views to valley of Lago and to the lake of Valle (2h03min) (1660 m). Further down you encounter an information panel with signposts (2h06min) (1610 m). Keep left following the sign for "Lago del Valle" uphill. You see the lake in front. The path keeps ascending for a while, before it starts sloping down towards the lake. When you reach a track by the lake (2h45min) (1570 m), you enjoy a lovely view to the mountain range of Sierra de la Mortera.

Return on the same way back to the parking place of Alto de Farrapona (5h20min).

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