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Nature park of Somiedo

Valle de Lago - Braña de Sousas - Puerto de Somiedo - Santa Maria del Puerto - Llamardal - Braña de Mumian - Coto de Buenamadre - Valle de Lago





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the AS-227 to Pola de Somiedo turn to a narrow asphalt road signposted to Valle de Lago. Drive 8 km to Valle de Lago. It is difficult to find a parking place by the road that leads through the village, but if you continue to its other end you come to a large parking place. (Roadmap)

Distance: 7h40min/24.5km

If you drove to the large parking place, it takes some 10 minutes to walk back to the corner of "Casa Cobrana", a restaurant by which you find a road with a white-yellow waymark branching off left towards the church. The route begins from here (1230 m).

After crossing the Valle river (2min) (1220 m) fork off left to a track with a white-yellow waymark (3min) (1230 m). Later a waymark guides you to the right (9min) (1260 m). Lined by pastures the track opens up a nice view to the village of Valle de Lago and later to a narrow valley with beech forests. The track passes a waterfall and follow the brook of Sousas to the cottages of Braña de Sousas (55min) (1455 m). Bordered by the Peña La Franca, the track continues gently uphill.

When you come to a fork (1h28min) (1665 m), follow the sign for "Puerto del Somiedo" to the right. The track turns into a path surrounded by a magnificent mountain landscape. Higher up you look down to the plain of Sousas.

The path bends left and comes to a wooden pole (1h50min) (1700 m). Follow the arrow to the left, to the right hand side of the waterfall. From now on you need to watch carefully the wooden poles and white-yellow waymarks, which lead you uphill, through a gate to the pass of Michos (2h20min) (1835 m). From the pass you enjoy a great view over the valley of Salgada and to the Cantabrian Mountains. Following the sign for "Santa Maria del Puerto" to the right, you soon you come to a point where the path forks. Both branches are marked with a white-yellow waymark. You can choose any of these two paths, since they go side by side.

Following the poles and waymarks you reach the pass of Pultracón (2h53min) (1780), where an information panel tells you that it takes 45 minutes to Santa Maria del Puerto. The path turns into a track that descends through pastures to the village (3h40min) (1490 m). Turn right and walk along the asphalt road some 30 meters until you encounter a sign for "Ruta La Escrita". Now you have two options. You can continue along the asphalt road which makes later a large bend to the left. If you take the track, which later turns into a path you can shortcut this large bend. Frem the path you have a lovely view to the village of Peral. Later the path joins the asphalt road (4h20min) (1305 m), which you follow to the right.

When you spot a sign for "Llamardal" and a white-yellow waymark on the right hand side of the road (4h30min) (1225 m), follow them to a narrower asphalt road that ascends through the village. At the other end of the village you find a track with a white-yellow waymark branching off left (4h40min) (1285 m). In a couple of minutes a waymark guides you to the left to a path (4h42min) (1295 m). The path ascends to a crest from which you see the 22 cottages of Braña de Mumian (5h08min) (1410 m). The path goes on along the right hand slope of the depression above the cottages to a track (5h18min) (1420 m). Turn right to the fountain, and take the track to the left from the fountain. The track leads to the pass of Fondera (5h25min) (1435 m) with splendid views.

Descending along the track you pass a fountain (5h33min) (1385 m) and continue through a beech forest with a view to the village of Urria before you reach the village of Coto de Buenamadre (6h23min) (1020 m). From the lower part of the village you find an asphalt road which you follow to the right (6h30min) (990 m). From the right hand side of the road starts a track (6h34min) (970 m). Keep on this main track ignoring a branch to the left, which you encounter in a minute. You cross the bridge over the river of Sousas (7h06min) (1060 m). When the track bends sharp left (7h19min) (1130 m), be sure that you follow this main track without paying attention to the grassy track branching off from the bend. Now the ascent becomes steeper. Close to the village of Valle de Lago, you take a path to the left (7h35min) (1225 m). The path slopes down to the reservoir of Valle (7h38min) (1200 m). From the reservoir you take the track back to the village (7h40min).

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