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Tárbena - Fuente de Benissalim - Fuente de Buscarro - Fuente dels Tarongers - Sa Falzia - Fuente Blanca - Fuente de Benissalim - Tárbena





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the CV-715 to Tarbena. You find the first information board on this route when you turn from the CV-715 on the Avinguda d'Eusebio Signes to Tarbena. Follow this street to a parking place on the right hand side of the street. (Roadmap of Marina Baixa)

Distance: 3h20min/12km

Walk back to the CV-715 (580 m) and turn right. Keep an eye on the roads that go left uphill. When you see a narrow asphalt road with an information board some twenty meters uphill from the turn (4min) (560 m), take this road. Soon you meet the CV-715 again (8min) (590 m). Turn right, walk some forty meters and fork on a concrete walkway right downhill. This walkway takes you to the Benissalim fountain (15min) (520 m). You have a nice view over the Tárbena valley to Sierra del Carrascal and Coll de Rates.

The walkway bends sharp left by the fountain. Walk some fifteen meters from the fountain, and take a path that goes right skirting an olive grove. The path widens to a track. Ignore all side tracks, and you end up to an asphalt road (30min) (465 m) Turn right with Sierra del Ferrer ahead.

You pass the Buscarro fountain on the left hand side of the road (38min) (420 m). Ignore the side roads. Soon after the hotel Lehmi (50min) (385 m), the road forks (52min) (390 m). Keep left. When you meet a sign for Ivanyes by the Blanca fountain (1h03min) (430 m), go straight ahead.

The road takes you to a fountain pouring out water on the left hand side of the road close to a tall white stone house (1h15min) (460 m). Here you have to fork right on a downhill track.

Walk some twenty meters on the track and bend left by the corner of a house. The track narrows into a path. When the path forks (1h20min) (435 m), take the left fork, which is almost hidden by the branches of a giant fig tree.

The path descends to the Tarongers fountain (1h25min) (420 m). Do not continue right downhill, altough this path is wider, but take the grassy path left uphill. After passing ruins of a house the path descends through olive tree terraces to a track (1h35min) (415 m). Turn left uphill.

The track bends sharp left uphill and leads through a pine forest to an asphalt road (1h40min) (450 m). Turn right downhill, and keep your eyes on the right hand side of the road. When you see a sign for Sa Falzia (1h44min) (440 m), take this track.

Do not cross the barranc, but fork left to a narrower track that keeps following the barranc (1h50min) (390 m). The track descends to the barranc and forks (2h) (360 m). Take the left fork. The track narrows into a path, and then widens again to a track, which climbs through orchards to an asphalt road (2h15min) (430 m). Now you are back at the junction with the Blanca fountain and sign for Ivanyes. This time turn left.

Walk on the road past the Lehmi hotel and Buscarro fountain until you see a sign for Benissalim on the left hand side of the road (2h40min) (445 m). Take this concrete walkway. The walkway bends sharp right uphill. Soon after the bend, turn left on a track that lines an olive grove (2h44min) (445 m). If you miss this turn you end up to a house where the concrete way ends.

The ascending track bends left (2h48min) (470 m). Some twenty meters after this bend, when the track curves right, fork left on a path (485 m). When the path forks, go right uphill (2h53min) (495 m).

By the Benissalim fountain (3h) (520 m), take the concrete walkway left uphill. It takes you to the CV-715 (3h10min) (590 m). Turn left and fork left (3h14min) on the narrow asphalt road. Soon you are back to CV-715 (3h17min) with a view to Tárbena and Sierra de Bernia. Turn right, and then left uphill on the Avinguda d'Eusebio Signes which takes you back to the parking place (3h20min).

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