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Tárbena - Beniplà - Barranco de les Viudes - Fuente del Olbis - Fuente de Benissalim - Tárbena






Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the CV-715 to Tarbena. You find the first information board on this route when you turn from the CV-715 on the Avinguda d'Eusebio Signes to Tarbena. Follow this street to a parking place on the right hand side of the street. (Roadmap of Marina Baixa)

Distance: 4h/15km

Walk some ten meters from the parking place towards the CV-715 and turn left (585 m). At the end of the street you see another information board. By this information board, take a concrete road uphill. When the road forks (5min) (625 m), go left. Walk some twenty meters and turn right downhill on a path with a white-yellow waymark. You have a nice view to Sierra Aixorta.

The path crosses a track and descends to a fountain and a well (10min) (585 m). By the fountain, the path bends right, and comes to a track (15min) (575 m). Go left, walk some ten meters to a concrete walkway, and go right uphill. Soon you meet another concrete walkway. Turn left downhill. When it forks, take the sand track to the right. At the next fork, go left downhill (20min) (570 m).

The track peters out into a path, and, almost immediately, the path forks (30min) (630 m). The route continues along the right fork, but if you fork left and walk a couple of minutes, you find an impressive outlook over the Pas Tancat gorge with massive rock walls.

When the path comes to a track (50min) (660 m), turn left uphill. On your left rise the mountain ranges of Aitana and Aixorta. You climb on top of the Muntanya (725 m), and then descend to the Barranco de les Viudes, where the track joins another track (1h20min) (645 m). Go right uphill.

The track comes to an asphalt road (1h30min) (690 m). Turn left.  Extensive almond groves spread out on the left hand side of the road. Walk about hundred meters, and fork right uphill on a track that runs parallel with the road. When the track forks (1h35min) (710 m), go right uphill. Soon you look over the plain to the village of Tárbena, and somewhat later to the valley of Tárbena with the mountain ranges of Ferrer and Bernia.

On top of the hill (790 m), ignore the track that goes left uphill. Soon you come to the Olbis fountain (1h55min) (770 m). The track narrows into a path by ruins of a house (2h05min) (720 m), and starts zig-zaging downhill to an almond grove. When the path meets a concrete walkway (2h15min) (695 m), turn left downhill. At the fork (2h30min) (580 m), go right downhill.

When you come to an asphalt road (2h37min) (550 m), turn left. Ignore all sideroads until you find a concrete walkway with a white-yellow waymark on your right (2h47min) (560 m). Take this walkway. Fork left downhill on a path (2h57min) (520 m). When the path forks (3h03min) (505 m), go right downhill. When you meet a narrow asphalt road, go right (3h10min) (450 m). At the next junction (3h17min) (440 m), go right again.

After passing the Lehmi hotel, take a concrete walkway that goes left uphill (3h21min) (385 m). It narrows into a path, which crosses another path (3h37min) (495 m) and ascends through lush natural lands to the Benissalim fountain (3h41min) (520 m). This charming fountain is surrounded by apple, pear and plum trees.

By the fountain take the concrete walkway left uphill. Turn left on the CV-715 (3h52min) (590 m), and walk back to Tárbena (3h57min).

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