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Sendero Fornes - La Resina

Sendero Fornes - La Resina





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the A-338 turn on the GR-3307 and continue 6.8 km to Forners. When you reach the village bend left. The road ascends to the upper part of the village, where you find stone steps leading up to the hill by a broken information panel on the walking route. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h25min/10.5km

Climb along the steps (890 m) to a cross (905 m) and take the path that starts by it. Looking behind you see the reservoir of Los Bermejales. The path turns into a track. A path forks off right (12min) (940 m) and returns to the track in a couple of minutes. Fork left on a path (17min) (955 m) that bends left and ascends to a hill, where you find the first wooden pole waymarking the route (27min) (1020 m). Follow the white arrow to the left.

By the next wooden pole (34min) (1070 m) the path bends left and comes to a wooden tower (35min) (1075 m). Follow the crest of the hill to the right towards a concrete pole. Below you see the village of Jayena and on the background the peaks of Sierra Nevada. The path leads to the beginning of a track on your right (37min) (1070 m).

The track runs through the plateau of Fornes. In front of you rises the Sierra de Alhama. A white arrow guides you to the left, on an old fire break (48min) (1055 m) that returns to the track later on (55min) (1055 m). Follow the track to the right. On your left you enjoy a magnificent mountain view.

Ignore the side tracks and descend towards the mountains to a sand road (1h20min) (920 m). Turn right and continue straight ahead ignoring the track that branches off left. Soon after reaching the Caballó river (1h25min) (885 m), you cross a bridge. Again, keep on the main road ignoring the side roads and tracks. When you come to a spot where the river flows over the road, take the bridge on the right hand side of the road (1h45min) (865 m).

In a couple of minutes you meet another sand road (1h47min) (870 m). Turn right. You come to the information centre of La Resinera (Punto de Informacion La Resinera) (1h48min) (875 m). By this centre you find a wide sand road. Continue along it to the right. On the left side of the road, you see an information panel on the path of Resinera. If you want to visit the lookout spot (925 m) walk some 10 minutes uphill along the path.

Walking along the sand road towards Fornes, you cross another bridge (1h56min) (850 m) and come to an asphalt road GR-3302 (2h10min) (850 m). Turn right. A narrow asphalt road branches off right (2h15min) (845 m). Ascend on this road back to the beginning of the route (2h25min).

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