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Torre Baja

Torre Baja - Molino de San José - Mirador del Turia - Mirador del Ebron - Nido de Ametralladoras - Torre Baja





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the N-420 to the western side of Torre Baja. When you meet a red kilometer pole with the text "N-420 km 540", park you car on the parking place by the pole. (Roadmap of Rincón de Ademuz)

Distance: 47min/3.1 km

Start by taking the narrow road downhill (755 m). Descend on this road for two minutes and turn left on a concrete road that crosses a bridge. From the bridge you have a lovely view down to the torrential water.

Immediately after the bridge, turn left (3min) (740 m). A canal with rapidly running water lines the left hand side of the track. By the old mill of San Jose (13min) (735 m), you encounter an information board on the route. A narrow grassy path starts between the canal and the wall of the mill, and bends behind the mill. After a couple of minutes ascent, stone steps turn off to the left, taking you to the lookout spot of Turia (18min) (760 m) with a view over the river valley.

Return on the path. Somewhat further you see old dugouts higher up on the slope, which are remains from the Spanish civil war.

You walk in a pine forest, but here and there the landscape is cheered up by small groves.

Soon a path forks left to the lookout point of Ebron (25min) (760 m). After looking down to the river valley, return on the path, which ends by an information panel on the flora and fauna of the region. Just before the information panel, a path turns off to the left. It climbs up to the machine-gun nest of the Spanish civil war (41min) (790 m). From here you have a mountain view.

After visiting the nest, return to the information panel, and take the road to the right. Cross the bridge and return to the parking place (47min).

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