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Rota do Vento
Alto de Couso - Alto de Cerrochan - Chao Grande - Alto de Couso






Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the LU-132 to Trabada, where you turn to the DP-5506/LU-P-5506 signposted to Riotorto. After 7,4 km you reach a recreation area of Alto do Couso with tables and benches on the left hand side of the road.  (Roadmap)

 Distance: 2h38min/11,2km

Walk from the recreation area (640 m) on the DP-5506/LU-P-5506 ahead following the sign for "PR-G 83, Alto de Cerrochan" until a sand road branches off left (4min) (650 m). Also this road has the sign for "PR-G 83, Alto de Cerrochan". Walking on the sand road along the slope of Sierra da Cadeira you enjoy a nice view over the valleys. The road ascends to the crest of the Serra de Cadeira (16min) (710 m). Ignore the track that branches off right towards a mountain top.

When the sand road forks (25min) (750 m), follow the sign for "PR-G 83, Alto de Cerrochan" uphill to the left to a track. On top of the Chao Grande stands a cottage (28min) (770 m), affording a view of the valleys as well as the mountains. From the right hand side of the cottage starts a grassy track, which leads to the left hand side of the rocks in front of you. When you reach the rocks, visit a small pond on your right. After the visit continue along the track. Soon it turns into a path (33min) (765 m) that starts to descend steeply. The path is difficult to walk and unclear, but well marked with the white-yellow waymarks. Follow them carefully.

When you come to a track (1h05min) (545 m), cross it to a grassy track. Right after that, you fork left to another grassy track. After a fountain (1h24min) (425 m) you come to a fork (1h34min) (460 m), where you follow the sign for "PR-G 83, PR-G 85, Rego de Vilaforman" to the left. At the next fork (1h44min) (535 m), you go right, ignoring the sign for "Font" pointing to the left towards a fountain.

Later the sign "PR-G 83, Chao de Couso" guides you straight ahead (2h04min) (520 m). At this point, do not pay attention to the "PR-G 85" sign pointing to the right. Soon after you have passed a water tank, follow the sign for "PR-G 83, Chao de Couso" to the left, to a grassy track (2h08min) (520 m). The track snakes its way gently uphill to the beginning of an asphalt road (2h33min) (610 m), which you follow back to the recreation area (2h38min).

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