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Monte de Cerdeira
Alto de Couso - Alto de Picato - Monte de Cerdeira - Alto de Couso






Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the LU-132 to Trabada, where you turn to the DP-5506/LU-P-5506 signposted to Riotorto. After 7,4 km you reach a recreation area of Alto do Couso with tables and benches on the left hand side of the road.  (Roadmap)

 Distance: 2h10min/9km

Two tracks start from the recreation area (640 m). Follow the sign for "PR-G 84, Picato por Campelos" uphill to the left. When the track forks, go left towards "Alto do Picato" (17min) (675 m). From the Alto do Picato (27min) (745 m) you can see the valley of Lourenza and Monte Cepˇn on your left and the plain of Cerrochcan, Pico Grande, Valle de Vilaforman, Monte Polvoreiro and Monte Pena da Vaca on your right.

A white-yellow pole guides you from the top to the left, to a path that runs between spiky bushes. Follow carefully the poles, which take you along a winding path to a track by an electricity line (36min) (695 m). Turn right.

Walking on the track you pass a panel presenting plants (44min) (675 m). When the track forks (52min) (650 m), follow the sign for "PR-G 84, Chao do Couso por Curz da Cabana" to the left. Right after that, you branch off left again. The track comes to a junction (57min) (615 m), where you turn right. When it forks (1h12min) (545 m), go right again. At the following junction (1h22min) (520 m), you follow the sign for "PR-G 84, Chao do Couso" to the right. The track opens up a view of Vilapena and comes to the recreation area (2h10min).

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