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PR-G 82
Cima de Vila - Santo Estevo - Teixido - Alto de Liñeiras - Fuente de la Gimenas - Cima de Vila






Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the LU-132 to Trabada, where you turn to the DP-5506 signposted to Riotorto. After 1.7 km you pass the village of Cima de Vila. Continue 1 km more to an information panel presenting the walking routes "PR-81, Ruta da Fraga da Becerreira" and "PR-82, Ruta do Monte Roxal - Teixido". (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h41min/10km

Follow the sign for "PR-G 82, Fraga do Teixido" (310 m) to the track that ascends from the right hand side of the road. Soon you come to a junction, where the sign for "Fraga do Teixido" guides you to the left. Looking right, you see a nice valley.

White-yellow waymarks take you to a junction (10min) (360 m), where you turn right to an eucalyptus forest Ignore side tracks until the main track divides into three branches (30min) (405 m). Take the track to the right, slightly downhill.

After passing an information panel presenting plants and animals and a fountain (39min) (385 m), the eucalyptus trees end. You come to a point, where a white-yellow cross ahead indicates that you have to branch off left uphill to a grassy track behind a fence (48min) (415 m).

This track runs in a beautiful pine forest to signposts (1h) (490 m). Follow the sign for "Área de descanso" to the left to a track. This lovely track opens up nice views. Ignore all side tracks, and continue along the main track, which bends sharp left later on (1h11min) (560 m). At this point, be careful not to walk straight ahead from the curve to another track.

After passing a recreation area on your left (1h19min) (610 m) the track starts to descend gently. Ignore the road to the left and continue through a gate to an asphalt road (1h32min) (580 m). Cross the asphalt road and follow the sign for "Fraga da Becerreira" to the left, to a path. This path is difficult to follow, although it is marked with white-yellow poles. Little by little it bends right under the electricity line. Continue along a almost invisible track to its lowest point, where you branch off left, although you do not see any path at first (1h40min) (545 m).

After some 20 m you find a clear path that follows the river. At the junction (1h45min) (515 m), you follow the sign for "Arboreto" to the left. Also this path is well marked with white-yellow waymarks. Walking in an oak forest you encounter labels, which help you to identify plants. In some parts the path is steep and difficult to walk. On your way, you cross several brooks, which join the river Vilapercide.

After crossing the first bridge made of trunks (2h07min) (365 m) you take the steps down. You cross two more bridges before you meet signposts by the river (2h18min). Follow the sign for "Inicio Ruta" to the left. The wet and stony path passes the fountain of Gimenas. You cross one more bridge before you come to a track (2h24min) (285 m). Turn right. The track takes you to the beginning of an asphalt road (2h40min) (310 m), which you follow back to the beginning of the route (2h41min).

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