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Peńa de los Papos

Trevélez - Juviles - Portichuelo - Prado de San Juan - Peńa de los Papos - Trevélez





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the A-4132 to Treveléz. By the bridge over the Treveléz river you find parking place. (Roadmap)

Distance: 6h45min/22km

Some twenty metres from the bridge you find a sign for Juviles (1425 m). Take this ascending path. You pass a fountain (5min) (1475 m) and a water canal (13min) (1520 m). Follow the white-red waymarks. Ignore a path that joins in from left (16min) (1540 m) and continue straight ahead. A water canal runs on your right. Higher up you enjoy fine views to Treveléz and to the gorge where the river flows. Some parts of the path are lined with chestnut trees.

After crossing a stream along a wooden bridge (46min) (1550 m), continue straight ahead on a path that ascends steeply. Do not bend right.

The path comes to a forest road (1h16min) (1665 m). Follow this road ignoring all side trails and paths including the path with a white-red waymark. When you come to a crossroads (1h45min) (1765 m), turn left, and start climbing up the steep slope of Juviles. Looking behind you can see the sea.

Follow this road to Portichuelo where it ends ignoring all side roads (2h05min) (2040 m). A narrow, hardly visible path branches off right. Take this path which ascends gently through a beautiful pine forest. Keep close to the ridge. A panorama of mountain landscape extends to all directions. Looking northwest you see Mulhacen with its snowdodded peak. In the southwest rises Lújar, in the south Contraviesa and in the southeast Sierra de Gádor. Higher up you discern Treveléz on your left. Besides the landscapes you might see ibes.

The path comes to a grassy track in Prado de San Juan (3h05min) (2285 m). Turn left uphill. When the track ends (3h20min) (2370 m), continue uphill on a faint path. Just before reaching the ridge of Piedra Ventana, you find a clear path, leading to the right. On the top of the Peńa de los Papos (3h35min) (2533 m) you can see also the northern peaks of Sierra Nevada besides the Mulhacen. Closest to you is Pico Plaza de los Lobos.

Return the same way to Portichuelo and continue on the road until you see a white-red waymark in the beginning of a path that branches off right (5h) (1980 m). Take this path and ignore a path joining in from left behind (5h15min) (1890 m). The path descends through a pine forest to a forest road (1890 m). Turn left and walk some twenty meters until you reach a path on the right hand side of the road. The path bends left before meeting the forest road again (5h20min) (1880 m). Turn left. Keep an eye on the right hand side of the road, and take an unmarked path that branches off (5h28min) (1800 m). Once again the path descends on the forest road (5h34min) (1740 m). Turn right. When the road forks (5h39min) (1720 m), go left. When the road ends (5h45min) (1665 m), take the path back to Treveléz (6h45min).

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