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Río Trevélez

Trevélez - Río Trevélez - El Horcajo - Acequia de Calvache - Trevélez





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the A-4132 to Treveléz. By the road you see a sign for "Ayuntamiento de Trevélez". Follow this sign uphill. The road bends right and comes to a square where you find the church "Iglesia Parroquial de San Benito". Leave your car here. (Roadmap)

Distance: 9h/26km

This route is only for the summer time. Even in the dryest season, the paths are flooded with water.

Continue from the church square (1470 m) downhill. Further down you see a sign "Camino del Horcajo, Camino del Molino Altero". Bend left staying at the same level. The lane ends into a beginning of a path (3min) (1465 m).

The path carries you through pastures to a track (14min) (1465 m). Turn right. When you come to a river, do not cross the bridge, but bend left uphill on a path. Higher up you meet another path (22min) (1480 m). Turn right.

The partly cobbled path ascends gently parting company with the river. Later on, the path meets the river every now and then. You encounter pretty paddocks with cows. After crossing the first bridge (1h25min) (1615 m), the route becomes even more watery

By the second bridge (2h13min) (1770 m) continue on the path straight ahead without crossing the bridge. A lot of water runs along the path.  Higher up you can see the rushing river below.

After crossing the next bridge (2h39min) (1834 m) the path climbs to a small hillock and descends then to another bridge (2h46min) (1865 m). On the other side of this bridge the path continues steep uphill opening views to the gorge. 

You pass the ruins of a building and cross one more bridge by the confluence of the rivers Puerto de Jeres and Juntillas (3h16min) (1975 m). This is a good point to turn back.

If you decide to continue forward, the path ascends to a house (3h40min) (2170 m). From here make for a group of trees. Above this group you find a gate. Walk through the pasture where bulls are grazing until you find a steep path descending to the river (3h55min) (2200 m). The river with its rushing waters looks charming, but the path leading to it is narrow and not easy to walk. At the waterfront you find another gate (4h15min) (2150 m). If you want to explore the water canal on the opposite side of the river, take the narrow path uphill. The canal that runs through a bright green grass is beautiful, but do not start following the canal onwards to the left (4h24min) (2200 m). Although you will find a clear path in some twenty minutes, you will lose it later on. Even if you know in which direction is Treveléz, you end up in troubles. Deep gorges split the slopes. Going round them means climbing uphill and then downhill. This way the route back to Treveléz is much longer than you can imazing.

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