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Seven lagoons

Route of seven lagoons





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the A-4132 to Treveléz. By the road you see a sign for "Ayuntamiento de Trevélez". Follow this sign and then the signs for "Barrios Medio y Alto" uphill. About one kilometre from the A-4132 you reach the "Plaza Barrio Medio". Leave your car here. (Roadmap)

Distance: 8h18min/19km

Continue from the square (1540 m) right uphill following the sign for the "Ruta Siete Lagunas". In one minute turn left uphill. The lane bends right and you find the sign for the Seven Lagoons in the beginning of a path (4min) (1560 m).

After crossing a bridge (14min) (1615 m), the path forks (18min) (1635 m). Go right. You cross a stream along stepping stones and come to a fountain (25min) (1675 m). Soon you see Treveléz on your right.

You pass a couple of stone cottages and a large house made of slates (50min) (1800 m). Soon after this house the path forks (53min) (1830 m). Follow the sign for Seven Lagoons to the left.

In a couple of minutes you reach a gate. Remember to close it behind you. Before the second gate (1h23min) (2020 m), the ascent gets easier. A stream and rose bushes line the route. Probably you meet cows and bulls grazing on the slopes. You cross another stream (1h27min) (2050 m) and find another sign for the Seven Lagoons (1h30min) (2070 m).

After the third gate (2h05min) (2375 m), you ascend to a small hillock on top of which is a house and a signpost informing you that it takes two hours from there to Treveléz. From now on you walk through green meadows dodded with myriads of flowers and streams with crystal clear water. In fifteen minutes a waterfall starts glistering in front of you. Heading towards it you come to a fast-flowing stream, lined by colorful flowers (2h27min) (2500 m).

The path follows this stream that soon transforms into a series of cascades (2h39min) (2570 m). Cross this rushing water along a rock reaching to the other side of the stream (2h43min) (2580 m).

From now on follow piles of stones waymarking the ongoing path which bends right and comes to the waterfall (3h03min) (2775 m). Take the steep path on the right hand side of the down pouring water. First you ascend between large boulders and then on a wet grass. In the plateau (3h35min) (2890 m) you encounter a fabulously beautiful landscape. The blue lagoon Hondera rests in a green field with bright flowers. A number of streams snake from the lagoon lined by the eastern wall of Mulhacen, the highest mountain of Spain.

Start following the main stream southwest. The second lagoon is smaller (3h47min) (2930 m). Keep following the stream uphill and you come to the third lagoon (3h53min) (2980 m). This lagoon is much deeper than the previous ones, and its water is almost turquoise. Continue following the stream upwards. The next two lagoons are side by side. First you see the lagoon on your right and soon after that reach the waterfront of the oter one (4h08min) (3025 m). We did this route in July when the two uppermost lagoons were dry. Anyway, it is worth climbing up to look down to the plateau where you can discern the lagoons and the main stream in its full lenght (4h18min) (3065 m).

Return the same way. Spare your feet by walking on the soft moss and grass. You can cut the bends of the stream, but then you have to walk on hard rocks. On your way back you probably meet parties of hikers and riders that plan to stay overnight on the mountains. Allow some four hours to return to Treveléz (8h18min).

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