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Sendero del Rosal

Refugio de Ubeire - Río Nacimiento - Cortijo El Rosal - Fuente del Rosal - Refugio de Ubeire





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)


How to get there: Driving on the A-92 take the exit number 333 (Fiñana, Parque Natural de Sierra Nevada) and turn to the south on a road signposted to "Parque Natural de Sierra Nevada". The road turns into a sand road. After 7.7 km fork off left following the sign for "Albergue El Ubeire". 300 meters further the sign guides you to the right and 2.5 km thereafter again to the right. Drive 1.8 km until a road closed by a chain and signposted to "Albergue El Ubeire" branches off right. Leave your car here. Even if the road is open, do not drive all the way to the cottage. You can find the road closed, when you return from your walk. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h50min/10.5km

Walk less than 500 meters to the cottage where you find two information panels on walking routes. The route begins by the lower panel (1540 m) on the right hand side of the building. The path takes you through green fields to the first bridge over the Nacimiento river (11min) (1465 m). After crossing four more wooden bridges, you reach ruins of a house, where the path forks (25min) (1420 m). Go right following the wooden pole with a white arrow.

Just before the next bridge, an arrow guides you to the right (28min) (1400 m). Later you return to this point and cross the bridge, but walk first to the end of the riverside path. When you encoutner a panel "Fin de Sendero" (33min) (1390 m), turn back to the bridge and cross it (38min) (1400 m). The path ascends to the left hand side of the buildings and keeps going uphill to a track (41min) (1410 m). This charming track is waymarked with wooden poles. Snaking its way uphill it opens up views to the snow topped peaks and valleys down below. You cross a couple of gorges with murmuring brooks before encountering a sandroad (1h30min) (1675 m). Turn left. The road leads to the fountain of Rosal (1h40min) (1675 m). Follow the road towards the Ubeire cottage all the way back to the road closed by a chain (2h50min).

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