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Vistabella - Barranco del Molinet - Mas del Collet - Vistabella





Map for the route (ED50)


How to get there: Drive on the CV-170 to Vistabella. In Vistabella park your car on the church square. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h30min/7.5km

Start from the church square (1245 m), by taking the Carrer del Mur downhill. The street name changes to Raval de nostra Sra. de Loreto. You pass a fountain (Font d'alt) (5min) (1240 m) and bend left. The street turns into a path (8min) (1215 m). You look down to the gorge of Pots.  Ignore a path that branches off to the right. It is your return path. When the path forks (14min) (1250 m), go right. You start the descent into a gorge.

Further down, looking behind, you have a lovely view to Vistabella (40min) (1050 m). In the bottom of the gorge, you meet a track (48min) (985 m). Follow it to the right. In a couple of minutes, when to track seems to end, bend left, cross the gorge and continue on the track that runs on the other side. Snaking its way uphill the stony track becomes grassy. Ignore all side tracks. You come to a gate (1h45min) (1220 m). On the other side you see another track and a house. Follow this track towards the house. After passing it, you find a path with a white-yellow waymark on your left. Continue on this path towards Vistabella.  At the crosspaths (2h10min) (1250 m), turn right and return to the church square (2h30min).

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