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Plana Esmoladores

Camino Fuente del Ull - Fuente de la Olivera - Bancal - Fuente de la Escudella - Plana Esmoladores - Fuente del Xopet - Camino Fuente del Ull





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the A7/E15 take the exit number 60 to Xeraco. Continue from the toll booth about 2 kilometers on the N-332 to the north. Turn left on the Cami Font de l'Ull. Continue 3.5 kilometers on this narrow asphalt road, which crosses the A7/E15, and leads through orange groves to an information board about the route. (Roadmap of Safor)

Distance: 3h55min/13.5km

Walk from the information board (110 m) on a sand road uphill following the white-yellow waymarks. The road goes through a pine forest to a fork with signposts. The Ull fountain is on your left, but you cannot get drinking water from it. Fork right for the Olivera fountain (Font de L'Olivera) and the cottage of Carlos (Caseta de D. Carlos) (8min) (175 m).

The road curves right opening a view to the rock walls of Tossal Redó. Then it turns into a track by a house on your left. By the Olivera fountain you find more signs (15min) (230 m). Continue straight ahead for the cottage of Carlos and the Bancal. Ahead is the wall of Mallaeta Fonda. Straight after the fountain the track peters out into a path. Soon you enjoy a splendid view to the Peñon de Ferragut and the sea.

At the fork to the cottage of Carlos, you encounter a sign for Bancal (25min) (250 m). Follow it straight ahead. The reddish rock of El Despeñador rises in front of you.

In Bancal the path forks (38min) (215 m). Go left following the sign for the Escudella fountain (Font de 'lEscudella). Shortly the path descends to the Barranco de Serra, goes some 15 meters on its bed, and ascends to the opposite slope, where it starts zigzaging up to a ledge. When the path forks, follow the waymarks to the left (50min) (275 m). Soon after this fork you can see the Barranco almost in its full length reaching for the coast. At the end of the Barranco glitters the sea. In few minutes the path forks again (53min) (275 m). Now you have waymarks to both directions. Bend sharp right on a steep uphill path. Keep right also at the next fork (1h) (345 m). The path descends to the Escudella fountain (1h04min) (325 m). You cannot use the seeping water for drinking.

From the fountain the path climbs up to a track (1h20min) (380 m). Turn right. The Monduber mountain rises behind you, and on both sides you have a gently sloping landscape. When the track curves left, you find two waymarks close to each other on the right hand side of the track, one on a rock and the other on a pine trunk. Between these waymarks starts a wide path uphill (1h30min) (355 m). The path widens to a track that ascends to a rock balcony (Balco) in the plain of Esmoladores (Pla Esmoladores) (1h35min) (395 m). From the balcony you look out to the coast and rice paddies. Continue for the Xopet fountain (Font del Xopet).

Take a path that forks right (1h38min) (400 m) and starts descending towards the coast. This pleasant path lined by heather opens views to citrus groves and rocky ridges, including Peñon de Ferragut. Soon you have a closer look at the towns, including Xeraco. When the path forks (2h10min) (220 m), keep left.

You come to a narrow asphalt road that serves the citrus groves (2h30min) (95 m). Follow this downward road. At the first junction, go left (2h33min) (65 m), and at the second, go right (2h40min) (45 m). Walk to the end of this asphalt road (3h) (110 m), and continue on the sand road. When the sand road curves left to a house, take the path in front of you, signposted to the Xopet fountain and furnished with white-yellow waymarks (3h03min) (115 m). Further up the path to the Xopet fountain forks right (3h08min) (175 m). You find the Xopet fountain some 50 meters from the fork. It has drinking water. After visiting the fountain continue to the left. The path comes to Bancal (3h20min). This time you turn left and return on the route that you already know, first on the Bancal path, and then on the track past the Olivera fountain to the pine forest and back to the information board (3h55min).

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